26Half-cell reduction potential at room temperature (Nernst equation)
27Equilibrium constant of a redox reaction (given the standard electrode potential)
28Equilibrium constant of a redox reaction at room temperature (Given the standard electrode potential)
29Equilibrium potential across a cell's membrane (the Goldman-GHK equation)
30Temperature of tnterest (Given vapor pressure and molar enthalpy of vaporization) (The Clausius-Clapeyron equation)
31Enthalpy of the system (Given internal energy,pressure and volume)
32Vapor pressure (Given temperature,pressure, enthalpy of vaporization)
33Temperature of interest (Given equilibrium constant and enthalpy change)(The Van 't Hoff equation)
34Equilibrium constant (Given temperature and enthalpy change, Van 't Hoff equation)
35Reaction rate constant (By the Arrhenius equation)
36Activation energy (by the Arrhenius equation)
37Number concentrations of the solute gas in the melt phases (Henry's law in geophysics)
38Number concentrations of the solute gas in the melt phases (Henry's law in geophysics)
39Height of a liquid column (Capillary action)
40Cumulative volume of absorbed liquid (Liquid transport in porous media)
41Cumulative infiltration (Liquid transport in porous media)
42Wetted length (given Liquid transport in porous media, cumulative liquid intake)
43Wetted length (given liquid transport in porous media, sorptivity, porosity )
44Liquid-air surface tension (Capillary action)
45Density of liquid (given liquid-air surface tension,capillary action)
46Radius of tube (given liquid-air surface tension,density,height of liquid column, Capillary action)
47Volume of the pores (Measuring porosity by gas expansion method)
48Porosity (Measuring by gas expansion method)
49Specific heat at constant pressure (Mayer\'s Relation)
50Specific heat at constant volume (Mayer's Relation)