Unit Converters

AccelerationAmount of substance
Angle per volumeAngular momentum
Angular velocity, Rotational VelocityArea
Area Per MassArea Per Time
AttenuationAttenuation Per Length
CapacitanceCapacitance Per Length
Current DensityDensity
Density Per LengthDynamic viscosity
Electric chargeElectric Charge Per Mass, Charge-to-mass ratio
Electric Charge Per MoleElectric Charge Per Volume
Electric currentElectric dipole
Electric potential difference (Electromotive force)Electric Potential Per Length
Electric Potential Per Temperature, Thermopower, Seebeck coefficientElectric Resistance
Electric Resistance Per LengthEnergy Per Mass
Energy Per Mass Per TimeEnergy Per Volume
Energy, work, or amount of heatExtensive Heat Capacity
Extensive Heat Capacity Per TemperatureFlow rate (volumetric flow)
Flowrate LengthFlowrate Per Pressure
ForceForce Per Length
FrequencyHeat Capacity
Heat TransferIlluminance
InductanceInductance Per Length
Information entropyInverse Electric Potential
Inverse EnergyInverse Force
Inverse LengthInverse Mass
Inverse PressureInverse Temperature
Inverse Temperature SquaredInverse Volume
Kinematic viscosity (Area per time)Length
Length Per MassLength Per Pressure
LuminanceLuminous intensity
Magnetic Field Strength, magnetic field H, H-fieldMagnetic flux
Magnetic Flux Density Per LengthMagnetic flux density, Magnetic field, Magnetic field B, B-field
MassMass Length
Mass Per AreaMass Per Area Per Time
Mass Per LengthMass Per Length Per Time
Mass Per TimeMobility
Molar absorption coefficient, molar extinction coefficient, or molar absorptivityMolar Energy
Molar Heat CapacityMole Per Volume
Momentum, Linear momentum, impulseNormalized Power
Plane anglePower or heat flow rate
Power Per AreaPressure or mechanical stress
Pressure Per LengthPressure Per Time
Pressure SquaredRadiation - absorbed dose
Radiation - equivalent doseRadiation - source activity
RadioNuclide Activity Per MassRotation Per Length
Rotational AccelerationSpeed or velocity
TemperatureTemperature Per Length
Temperature Per PressureTemperature Per Time
Thermal ConductivityTime
Time Per LengthTime Per Mass
Time Per VolumeTorque or moment of force
VolumeVolume Per Mass
Volume Per PressureVolume Per Rotation