1Heat transfer rate or flux (given thermal conductivity, temperature difference and distance)
2Temperature difference (given heat transfer rate,length and thermal conductivity constant)
3Distance or Length (given Heat transfer rate,Temperature Difference and thermal conductivity constant)
4Thermal diffusivity (given thermal conductivity, density and specific heat capacity)
5Thermal conductivity (given thermal diffusivity,density and heat capacity)
6Density (given thermal diffusivity,Thermal Conductivity and heat capacity)
7Specific Heat Capacity (given thermal diffusivity,Thermal Conductivity and Density)
8Initial temperature (given linear thermal expansion coefficient,length,temperature)
9Linear thermal expansion coefficient (given length and temperature)
10Initial length (Given linear thermal expansion coefficient, final length, initial temperature and final temperature)
11Final temperature (given linear thermal expansion coefficient,length,temperature)
12Volumetric thermal expansion coefficient (given volume and temperature)
13Initial volume (given volumetric thermal expansion coefficient,final volume,temperature)
14Final volume (given volumetric thermal expansion coefficient,initial volume,temperature)
15Initial temperature (given volumetric thermal expansion coefficient,volumes,final temperature)
16Final temperature (given volumetric thermal expansion coefficient,volumes,initial temperature)
17Volumetric Thermal Expansion Coefficient
18Linear Thermal Expansion Coefficient
19Thermal conductivity
20Heat conduction (Given quantity of transmitted heat and time interval of heat transfer)
21Heat conduction (Given thermal conductivity,area,thickness and temperature difference)
22Heat transfer rate
23Temperature difference (Given heat transfer rate, thermal conductivity constant and the distance or length of heat transfer)
24Distance or length of heat transfer (Given heat transfer rate, thermal conductivity constant and temperature difference)