1Transmittance (given intensity of the radiation)
2Absorptance or absorption factor (given intensity of the radiation)
3Absorptivity for liquids in Beer-Lambert law (given intensity of radiation)
4Transmittance for gases in Beer-Lambert law (given cross section,distance,density)
5Absorptivity for gases in Beer-Lambert law (given in and out intensity of the radiation)
6Absorptivity for liquids in Beer-Lambert law (given absorption coefficient,path length)
7Partial pressure of a component in solution (Raoult’s law)(given vapor pressure,mole fraction)
8Vapor density (given amount of the substance,molar mass,volume of the vapor)
9Absorptivity for gases by Beer-Lambert law (given absorption coefficient,path length)
10Transmittance for liquids by Beer-Lambert law (given molar absorption coefficient,concentration)
11Volume of vapor (given vapor density,molar mass,amount of substance)
12Absorptivity for liquids by Beer–Lambert law (given molar absorption coefficient,concentration)
13Molar mass of vapor (given vapor density,temperature,pressure)
14Vapour pressure (given vapor density,temperature,molar mass)
15Vapour temperature (given vapor density,vapor pressure,molar mass)
16Molar mass of solute (given mass fraction,cryoscopic constant,freezing-point depression)
17Molar mass of solute (given mass fraction,ebullioscopic constant,boiling-point elevation)
18Volume after dilution (given concentrations,volume of solution before dilution)
19Concentration after dilution (given volume,concentration of solution before dilution)
20Percentage of Calcium by permanganometry
21Percent crude protein by Kjeldahl method
22Percentage of silica and sand by Ash
23Percentage of crude fibre by Ash
24Percentage of chloride as sodiumchloride by Argentometry
25Equivalent weight of acid