26Displacement in a plane (given initial and final positions)
27Speed (given traveled distance and time interval)
28Speed (given initial speed,acceleration and time)
29Displacement (given initial speed, final speed and time interval)
30Displacement (given initial velocity,acceleration and time interval)
31Position at time t (given initial position,initial speed,acceleration,time interval)
32Final speed,Torricelli\'s equation (given initial speed,acceleration and displacement)
33Kinetic energy (given mass and speed)
34Relative speed (given speeds of two objects)
35Speed in polar coordinates (given transverse velocity and radial velocity)
36Weight, gravitation or gravity (given mass, local acceleration of free fall)
37Newton\'s law of universal gravitation
38Density (given mass and volume)
39Mass (given density and volume)
40Volume (given mass and density)
41Pressure (given normal force and area)
42Normal force (given pressure and area)
43Area of the surface area on contact (given normal force and pressure)
44Fluid pressure,liquid pressure or pressure at depth (given density,height)
45Liquid height or depth (given pressure,density,acceleration of gravity)
46Liquid density (given liquid pressure,height,acceleration of gravity)
47Buoyancy by Archimedes\' principle (given liquid density,volume of liquid displaced)
48Density of liquid by Archimedes\' principle (given buoyancy,volumn of liquid displaced)
49Volumn of liquid displaced by Archimedes\' principle (given buoyance,density of liquid)
50Power or force of lever (given power arm,work,work arm)