76Angular momentum
77Moment of inertia (Given angular momentum and Angular velocity)
78Angular velocity (given angular momentum and moment of inertia)
79Angular momentum (given linear momentum and displacement vector )
80Angular momentum (given position vector,mass and velocity)
81Enegy (given torque and theta)
82Torque (given Energy and theta)
83Angle moved in a torque (given Energy and torque)
84Power (given angular velocity and torque)
85Angular velocity (given power and torque)
86Torque (given power and angular velocity)
87Force (given torque and arm length)
88Power (pressure,volumetric flow rate in systems with fluid flow)
89Power in rotational systems (torque and frequency of a rotation)
90Power in rotational systems (torque and angular velocity)
91Pressure (given power and volumetric flow rate in systems with fluid flow)
92Volumetric flow rate (given power and Pressure in systems with fluid flow)
93Instantaneous electrical power (given instantaneous potential difference and electric current)
94Instantaneous power (given work and time duration)
95Radial acceleration in circular motion (given angular velocity and radius)
96Radius (given angular velocity and radial acceleration in circular motion)
97Angular velocity in circular motion (given radius and acceleration)
98Radial acceleration in circular motion (given linear velocity and radius)
99Linear velocity in circular motion (given radial acceleration and radius)
100Radius in circular motion (given radial acceleration and linear velocity)