76Frequency (given capacitive reactance and capacitance)
77Capacitance (given capacitive reactance and frequency)
78Characteristic acoustic impedance of a medium (given density,longitudinal wave speed,sound speed)
79Density of a medium (given characteristic acoustic impedance and sound speed)
80Wave speed or sound speed of medium (given characteristic acoustic impedance and density)
81Weight, gravitation or gravity (given mass, local acceleration of free fall)
82Initial temperature (given linear thermal expansion coefficient,length,temperature)
83Linear thermal expansion coefficient (given length and temperature)
84Newton\'s law of universal gravitation
85Initial length (Given linear thermal expansion coefficient, final length, initial temperature and final temperature)
86Final temperature (given linear thermal expansion coefficient,length,temperature)
87Volumetric thermal expansion coefficient (given volume and temperature)
88Initial volume (given volumetric thermal expansion coefficient,final volume,temperature)
89Final volume (given volumetric thermal expansion coefficient,initial volume,temperature)
90Initial temperature (given volumetric thermal expansion coefficient,volumes,final temperature)
91Final temperature (given volumetric thermal expansion coefficient,volumes,initial temperature)
92Density (given mass and volume)
93Mass (given density and volume)
94Volume (given mass and density)
95Pressure (given normal force and area)
96Normal force (given pressure and area)
97Area of the surface area on contact (given normal force and pressure)
98Fluid pressure,liquid pressure or pressure at depth (given density,height)
99Liquid height or depth (given pressure,density,acceleration of gravity)
100Liquid density (given liquid pressure,height,acceleration of gravity)