176Force (given power and velocity)
177Velocity (given force and power)
178Power (given force, displacement and time)
179Force (given power,time and displacement)
180Displacement (given power,time and force)
181Time (given force,displacement and power)
182Torque (moment or moment of force)
183Distance (given torque and force)
184Force (given torque and distance)
185Temperature difference (given heat transfer rate,length and thermal conductivity constant)
186Distance or Length (given Heat transfer rate,Temperature Difference and thermal conductivity constant)
187Thermal diffusivity (given thermal conductivity, density and specific heat capacity)
188Thermal conductivity (given thermal diffusivity,density and heat capacity)
189Density (given thermal diffusivity,Thermal Conductivity and heat capacity)
190Specific Heat Capacity (given thermal diffusivity,Thermal Conductivity and Density)
191Voltage (given electric power and electric current)
192Electric power (given electric potential difference and electric current)
193Electric current (given electric power and electric potential difference)
194Voltage by Joule\'s law (given power and electrical resistance)
195Power dissipated in a resistor by Joule\'s law (given voltage and resistance)
196Electric current by Joule\'s law (given electric power and electrical resistance)
197Voltage by Ohm\'s law (given electric current and electrical resistance)
198Electric current by Ohm\'s law (given voltage and electrical resistance)
199Electrical resistance by Ohm\'s law (given electric current and voltage)
200Electric power by Joule\'s law (given electric current and electrical resistance)