151Comparison to corporate bonds
152Interest rate of comparable corporate bond(interest rate of municipal bond and tax rate)
153Tax rate(interest rate of municipal bond and interest rate of comparable corporate bond)
154Total shareholder return
155share price at end of period(given total shareholder return,share price at beginning of period and dividends paid)
156Share price at beginning of period(given Total shareholder return, share price at end of periodand dividends paid)
157Dividends paid(given total shareholder return, share price at end of period and Share price at beginning of period )
158Bond valuation of coupon yield
159Coupon payment(given coupon yield and face value)
160Face value(given coupon yield and coupon payment)
161Bond valuation of current yield
162Coupon payment(given current yield and bond price)
163Bond price(given current yield and coupon payment)
164Current average price level(given inflation rate and price level a year ago)
165Price level a year ago(given inflation rate and current average price level )
167Liabilities(given Asset and Stockholder`s Equity)
168Stockholder\'s Equity(given Asset and Liabilities)
169Asset turnover
170Net sales(given asset turnover and average total assets)
171Average total assets(given asset turnover and net sales )
172Fixed-asset turnover
173Net sales (given fixed-asset turnover and average net fixed assets)
174Average net fixed assets (given fixed-asset turnover and net sales)
175Receivables turnover ratio with turnover times