126Variable cost (given operating leverage,revenue and fixed cost)
127Fixed cost (given operating leverage,revenue and variable cost)
128Operating leverage with operating income
129Revenue(given operating leverage ,variable cost and operating income)
130Variable cost(given operating leverage ,revenue and operating income)
131Operating income(given operating leverage ,revenue and variable cost)
132Financial leverage
133Operating income(given financial leverage and net income)
134Net income(given financial leverage and operating income)
135Net asset value in open-end fund
136Fund`s assets(given net asset value,liabilities and number of shares outstanding)
137Liabilities(given net asset value, fund`s assetsand number of shares outstanding)
138Number of shares outstanding(given net asset value, fund`s assets and liabilities)
139Net asset value in mutual fund
140Fund`s holdings(given net asset value and fund`s liabilities)
141Fund`s liabilities(given net asset value and fund`s holdings)
142Price-to-book ratio
143Market price per share(given price-to-book ratio and balance sheet price per share)
144Balance sheet price per share (given price-to-book ratio and market price per share)
145Price-to-earnings ratio
146Market price per share(given price-to-earnings ratio and diluted EPS)
147Diluted EPS(given price-to-earnings ratio and market price per share)
148Price-to-sales ratio
149Market price per share(given price-to-sales ratio and gross sales)
150Gross Sales(given Price-to-sales ratio and Market Price per Share)