51Radius of cylinder (given surface area and height)
52Volume of right circular cone (given radius and height)
53Circle radius of right circular cone (given height and volume)
54Cone height of right circular cone (given circle radius and volume)
55Volume of hollow cylinder (given exradius, inside radius and height)
56Exradius of hollow cylinder (given volume,inside circle radius and height)
57Inside circle radius of Hollow Cylinder (given volume, Exradius and height)
58Height of Hollow Cylinder (given volume,exradius and inside circle radius)
59Side of equilateral triangle (given area)
60Edge of parallelogram (given perimeter and the other side)
61Area of equilateral triangle (given edge length)
62Heat transfer rate or flux (given thermal conductivity, temperature difference and distance)
63Diagonal of square (given edge)
64Perimeter of parallelogram (given two adjacent edges)
65Volume of a sphere (given radius)
66Radius of sphere (given Volume)
67Surface area of a sphere (given radius)
68Radius of sphere (given Surface area)
69Future value of an annuity assuming compound interest (individual payment,interest rate,number of payments)
70Volume of spherical cap (given base radius and height)
71Base radius of Spherical cap (given volume and height)
72Volume of spherical segment
73Area of circular segment (given radius and central angle)
74Radius of circle (given area and central angle of circular segment)
75Area of annulus or ring (given radius of larger and smaller circles)